Proposal for Children's Cancer Center

This is the inspiration video for this project. We will work to create a similar feel while working with a brighter overall look and the various locations within the Center.


Creative Treatment

"Love Never Felt So Good" Fundraising Video


My vision for this video is to focus on the children having fun and laughing. They will be doing this in groups, with staff, and individually while they dance and sing. We will show the various locations in the Center, subtly displaying what makes it such a great place for these children and their families.

Color will be rich, lighting will be bright and soft, the camera will float often with some smooth sliding shots as well. Choreography will be simple and loose, allowing for lots of fun with just an edge of cool. Several of the children will be featured in individual shots and there will be one main child who is the "Justin Timberlake" and one other one who is the "Michael Jackson." Those main roles will have more individual shots and need to be more comfortable with the dancing and lip-syncing.

Each setup will be used with a few different groupings so that we have a lot of variations to work with for the final video.

My goal is to get the view happy and excited to contribute to the amazing support that Children's Cancer Center offers.

Main Group Look

One of the things we want to emphasis is the community that Children's Cancer Center creates so the main group look is open, bright with lots of smiles. We will create three variations on this look. The choreography will be loose with the focus on fun over performance.

Single child look

To focus in on the beauty and delight of each child we will use shallow depth of field (that blurry background look) to bring out each child's unique personality. This will be used throughout the video, each child dancing and singing the song.

Staff close up look

It's important that the audience see the staff doing the vital work of interacting with children. So we will create a few different setups that having the staff singing and interacting.

play look

We want to see the children having fun without being aware of the camera at all. So we will setup the children doing various activities. This is an opportunity to show how the Center accomplishes its mission practically. 

Staff Wide look

The staff and children will have setups where they are all interacting and singing together. We will also setup this look to show the Center's room resources, without making them a central focus.