Client Summary: Gaze Hot Yoga


Gaze Hot Yoga is a place for all human beings to move their bodies in a way
that promotes optimal health, greater strength, increased flexibility,
and improved mental acuity.  


The "Hero" Commercial - for the campaign

We needed to balance the yoga classes with the community of "yogis" practicing in the Gaze studio. So we blended the experience to feel like the overlapping classes that happen at Gaze everyday. We used all real yoga practitioners (including one totally new person!) to give it authenticity and to show how each body type can use hot yoga to improve their lifestyle.

Instagram Mini Samples:

Breaking down the campaign


Gaze Hot Yoga came to use with the obstacle of overcoming body stereotypes around yoga. Most people perceive yoga as something for the fit and thin or the overly zealous exercise nut. So we looked for a way to showcase that Gaze Hot Yoga is a judgement free zone for people of all body types and fitness levels. This went beyond just showing yoga practicing to showing the community elements in action.


Wes, the owner and lead instructor of Gaze, wanted to communicate his passion for people without letting yoga bias get in the way. So we worked with him to create a script that gave the average person a chance to experience hot yoga in an accessible way. We crafted a campaign that centered on Gaze as a social, community hub for life lovers. 

With the plan in place, the crew assembled and stayed flexible; working around a real class. We even included the heat, to keep the whole feel authentic, instead of faking sweat. 

John did a fantastic job of listening (at length) to my vision, and taking it and making it into a great looking, cohesive video with a voiceover script that was well written and right in line with what I would’ve written myself. I highly recommend Composition Cinema to anyone starting a new business, or looking to boost their brand. They know what they’re doing but they’re not cocky.
They just get the job done.
— Wesley Bozeman, Owner, Gaze Hot Yoga

Final Campaign Solution

Using our "Launch Campaign" package, we created one "Hero" commercial, six Instagram Mini videos (15-30 seconds), and included professional photography as well. This gave Gaze Hot Yoga a lot of media to start a strong campaign in 2017. Gaze's "Hero" commercial has a thousand plays in it's first 24 hours and more importantly, is being shared across Facebook to more potential customers.

The Instagram Minis will be rolling out in the coming weeks. These short videos are great for promoting a sale, new product, or simply as another touch point for overall marketing. The photos, which are all high resolution and print released, are being used in everything from promotional print flyers to website banners. A bonus is that with our Launch Campaign package, clients can license additional photos from the shoot for a flat fee. 

Gaze Hot Yoga is now positioned to grow exponentially with clients of all body types and lifestyles!