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Our Team

John Roquemore is the Creative Director of Composition Cinema. His primary role is to direct all of our video projects. John is an excellent editor and producer, stepping into those roles as is needed depending on the needs of each client. 

John has loved the art of filmmaking for as long as he can remember and excels at working with businesses to create compelling campaign stories that resonate with their target market. His core is story, and that shines from the way he communicates his vision to the attention to detail and vision he brings to each and every project of Composition Cinema. 


David Lawrence is our lead photographer. His passion is people and it shows when he is creating images for our clients. With an eye for detail, he focuses on what will create both a compelling image and a strong visual story. David has worked in various environments from weddings, travel, photojournalism, and commercial client work, he is comfortable in any role and brings a breadth of experience. 

See more of his work here.


Lee Anne Roquemore is the Producer for many Composition Cinema projects. She has a deep understanding of the creative process and excels at bridging the gap between the creative and technical aspects of each production - connecting the creative vision with the practical needs of the project. 

She also brings her talents and experience as a professional Photographer to our team.