Client Summary: The Real Pantry


The Real Pantry is a health food company that creates seasonings, dip and baking mixes that allow anyone to add healthy food options to their every day lives. 


The "Hero" Commercial - for the campaign

We decided on a lifestyle approach to the commercial campaign. Instead of just selling the features of The Real Pantry products, we focused on showing how customers would use the products in everyday situations. The "Hero" commercial highlights three real life situations for The Real Pantry's customer base. 

Instagram Mini Samples:

Breaking down the campaign


The Real Pantry struggled with an issue that is common for start-ups, which is gaining customers' trust. While the product was solid, the previous name ("Naturally Free") didn't really say anything beyond "healthy." 
This became our central focus.


The owner, Loriel, had a huge opportunity, due to low brand recognition, to hone in on what makes her products unique. 

We worked to help define her goals, the core vision for the company, and guided her through a re-naming of her company. Beyond that, we helped her choose a design company to finalize the brand elements. Once that process was complete, we created a script for her "Hero" video that guided the whole campaign and set it for launch in 2017.

The idea was "Around this Table" which showed her ideal clients enjoying a healthy lifestyle around three different tables, in common social food settings.

I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful for all the people who helped put this together, especially the Composition Cinema team for believing in The Real Pantry and creating a media campaign that matches perfectly with the mission behind my business.
— Loriel Adams, Real Pantry Owner

Final Campaign Solution

Using our "Launch Campaign" model, we created one "Hero" commercial, six Instagram Mini videos (15-30 seconds), and included more than fifty professional photos. This gave The Real Pantry a lot of media to start a strong campaign in 2017. The Real Pantry's "Hero" commercial is trending at a thousand plays per day and more importantly, is being shared across Facebook to more potential customers. The Instagram Minis will be rolling out in the coming months. These short videos are great for promoting a sale, new product, or simply as another touch point for overall marketing. The photos, which are all high resolution and print released, are being used in everything from promotional print flyers to website banners.
A bonus is that with our Launch Campaign package, clients can license additional photos from the shoot for a flat fee. The Real Pantry is now positioned to gain trust and grow exponentially with new customers!